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Topic: How to write a perfect definition essay?

Writing the perfect definition essay is not that difficult if one understands the concept and steps of a definition essay thoroughly. A definition essay requires you to write the definition of a word or phrase in a thorough and lengthy manner. It aims to provide an academic definition of one specific word in a personal or subjective manner. This definition is elaborated BY professional essay writing service and explained formally to describe a complex term that is relatable and has significant historical roots and background.

The most important part about writing a marvelous definition essay is choosing the right topic/word. Some words have concrete meanings like a book, house, wall, or a tree, these topics are easily described in a few words and cannot be very elaborative. Thus, it is crucial to choose a word that is complex and will give you a lot to write about. Such topics are known as abstracts for example “love” or “honesty”. A definition essay about the topic of love is the perfect example because love is an abstract concept, and its evaluation depends on the subjectivity of the person along with the audience and the essay’s purpose.

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The first step to make your definition essay perfect is to select a topic that has a complex meaning, is debatable and abstract, has some historical origins, and carries a different meaning for different people. Selecting ideas instead of concrete nouns will give you a lot of room to write. However, that does not mean choosing a topic that is not understandable to you even. Choose a topic that you have some familiarity with, and it can be made easy to understand for the reader.

Before you start defining your topic, narrow it down to account for a specific word limit. The concept of loyalty is vast. You can go on and on about it, to limit yourself you can write about “loyalty in friendship”, “Loyalty to the country”, “loyalty to your work” etc. If topics like these do not match your requirements, always contact a professional college essay writer to help you choose the perfect topic for your definition essay.

Start with the dictionary definition and then add your subjectivity to the topic to further elaborate it. For example, the Cambridge dictionary definition of loyalty is “your feelings of support or duty towards someone or something”. Your personal view about the word loyalty could have several meanings, thus, add those to explain the concept further. But don’t forget to cite your references! To give a perfectly lengthy definition of a very short word follows the steps below.

  •       Analyze the word by breaking it into parts and researching on both parts separately. “Sense of humor” can be broken down into “sense” and “humor”.
  •       Classify the topic by searching which class of words or concepts it belongs to.
  •       Compare it to some unusual objects to find similarities
  •       Give an account of the origins of the subject under study
  •       Use vivid imagery or examples to better explain the term by making it relatable for the reader.

If you have read this far you are 3 steps away from writing the perfect definition essay for your assignment. However, if you have too much going on you can always ask an essay writer free to write the essay for you while you complete other tasks. In case you still want to put effort into your writing, continue reading to understand the format of a definition essay.

Every essay starts with an introduction but that explains the topic and gives the background and the best kind of introduction starts with a hook. A definition essay can be boring if you write my essay using a plain definition as your beginning. Always start with a catchy hook, such as a quote, a question, or a statistical fact to make your essay attention-grabbing and creative. The hook should be relevant to the topic and helps connect the concept to the introduction.

At the end of your introduction, you give a solid thesis statement. The thesis statement is the most important part of any essay.  It is a one-line statement that reflects your point of view, is clear and concise, and relies on the arguments placed in your body paragraphs. The statement gives the reader a clear idea of what the arguments of the essay are going to be about.

Each idea or concept introduced in the thesis statement is elaborated using evidence such as examples, facts, anecdotes in the body paragraphs. A typical student essay comprises 3 body paragraphs and a final opponent and counterargument paragraph. Use different tactics and employ several various approaches to construct a complete, 360 image of the word, you. But also note that all the ways you can use to define a term in your essay are not always necessary.

At the end conclude your essay by restating your thesis statement in different words that include the same idea. Summarize all the points of the essay in a way that all body paragraphs are concluded. Always remember to strictly avoid introducing any new ideas in the conclusion paragraph. Link the conclusion back to the hook or attention-grabbing phrase you used in the beginning and make sure that you have proofread your essay thoroughly to avoid any grammatical or sentence structure mistakes.

Listed below are some great topics to get you started on that perfect definition essay straightaway.

  •   Abortion rights
  •   Freedom
  •   What it means to be successful
  •   The power of privacy
  •   Platonic love
  •   Family
  •   The American Dream
  •   Courage/Bravery

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